GYASA and RP Sharma MP Assam to work together on ’empowerment through education”

4:06 PM
Dinesh Sharma 09 August 2015: GYASA, Gorkha Youth and Student Association, delegates met with Shri Ram Prasad Sharma, a Gorkha Member of Parliament from Assam. We had such a positive meeting that the expected half an hour meeting stretched to 4 hours and two rounds of chai. Reminiscing his days of students politics and bhasha […]

Bharatia Gorkhas Towards Gorkhalism

3:21 PM
Anmol Mukhia, PhD Research Scholar, JNU, Gorkhalism is a philosophy which belief in the method of structural change in the various Nepali speaking community in India and beyond. The main idea behind this philosophy is to unify them in the umbrellas of Gorkhas. This philosophy is well supported by the ideas of many prominent theories […]
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