Mothers and Her Gender: A Pledge to Renew

3:25 PM
Writes Animesh Rai European Sociologist Robert Briffault in his three volume book “The Mothers” claims that in the early phase of human civilisation the institution of family was constituted by only a woman and her children. Human race was characterised by social promiscuity and marriage as an institution did not exist. The matured males were […]

Gorkhas So far…: No Land’s Wo/men in India (Part-III)

8:11 AM
Writes Tikendra Kumar Chhetry Department of Peace and Conflict Studies Sikkim University “I believe slogans like Bharat ki barbaadi or Gorkhaland should be treated as an attack on the integrity of India. I can’t say whether its sedition or not but its definitely an attack on India and steps should be taken to curb it.” […]

Game of Blame: Gorkha as Compared to “Aarka”

6:04 AM
Writes Anmol Mukhia Why are Gorkha compared with “Aarka”? Many have compared Gorkha internationally with the brave soldiers of Germany for their superiority, while in India- Gorkha are compared with the X for its vulnerability. Sometimes this comparison with “Aarka” (‘Aarko’ or others words in Nepali) have psychologically weaken the Gorkha. There has been a […]

An Appeal: Manipuri Gorkhas – The orphan among the orphans

12:21 PM
“ All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. ” George Orwell, Animal Farm (1945) This statement by Goerge Orwell perhaps best reflects the status of Manipur Gorkha community in the current scenario. Having been abandoned by the state government and any hope of support from other indigenous communities, the ongoing […]

“The Khukri Braves” Book Review by Anmol Mukhia

10:37 AM
Anmol Mukhia for IG Book Review on Mani, Jyoti Thapa (2015), “The Khukri Braves: The illustrated history of Gorkhas”, Rupa Publication, New Delhi, Page 407. The author (Jyoti Thapa Mani) has illustrated the book entitled “The Khukri Braves: The illustrated history of Gorkhas,” not only from the pictorial representation but also from the rich encyclopaedia […]

When Leaders lack sincerity and acts confused

2:06 PM
Vivek Ghatani for Indian Gorkhas The day when Gorkhas scattered in India hankered for a homeland must have surely been a hapless day. Because if it takes more than 100 years to achieve statehood – infact still agitating for a dream homeland — then there is certainly lack of quality leadership and the leaders are […]

Reminiscing ‘hope’ has been a generous way to win hill hearts – Himalayan Talk

10:19 AM
Tenzing Sherpa’s accountability cannot be counted with votes A generous way to win hearts of the voters is to give them hope. Atleast that is what all fighting for the Darjeeling parliamentary seat are doing while campaigning for themselves for the past couple of days. ‘If’ BJP comes to power at the centre, the Darjeeling […]

Darjeeling in the middle of political crossroads, squat of unity – Himalayan Talk

10:15 PM
HIMALAYAN TALK A great street sweeper who performed shoddily Darjeeling in the middle of crossroads, squat of unity If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets as Michelangelo painted or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all hosts of heaven and earth […]
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