चिया कमानको मजदुरको जीवनको मोल कति?

9:57 PM
सम्पूर्ण चिया कमानहरुमा काम बन्द गर अनि श्रमिकहरुलाई बन्द अवधीको वेतन देऊ! DTA अनि CCPA को दार्जीलिङ पहाड़को चियाकमानहरुमा काम संचालित रा‌ख्ने कोशिशको घोर निन्दा गरौं! विश्वलाई त्रासित बनाएको कोरोना भाइरसको महामारी विरुद्ध हर एक देश अनि संस्थाहरु एकबद्ध भएर सक्रिय रुपमा काम गरिरहेका छन्। हाम्रो देशमा पनि यो भाइरसको विस्तारलाई रोक्नको निम्ति सरकारले कतिपय […]

Racism in the time of Corona!

2:40 PM
Racism in the time of Corona! Nothing can be an excuse to be Racist! As the pandemic of Corona virus is spreading throughout the world, it is not only spreading fear but also bringing forth the worst face of Racism across the world. The Asian communities residing in Europe and US are facing constant hostility […]

Separate ministry or policy for mountainous state – IMI

6:35 AM
Separate policy push for mountain states Vivek Chhetri (Telegraph) Darjeeling: A civil society group seeking separate development policies for hill states renewed its demand on Friday at a meeting in Darjeeling attended by representatives from 12 hill states. The Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI), floated in 2011, draws members from different walks of life including bureaucracy, […]

All you want to know about AAY Ration Cards in Darjeeling

8:45 AM
NO!! AAY Ration Cards Won’t Make You A Refugee – Know the TRUTH About AAY Ration Cards Writes: Upendra Darjeeling is a strange land, here people don’t bother with issues that should actually concern them, but they will happily believe in rumors, and start to outrage. Some of you may remember when a rumor started […]

Drinking water crisis in Barakothi in Mirik’s Panighatta tea estate

1:11 PM
Queuing up entire nights for a pail of water PRASHANT ACHARYA PANIGHATTA (MIRIK) 27 Mar 2016 The apathy of the political leadership and local administration has left the residents of Barakothi in Mirik’s Panighatta tea estate with no other option but to fetch drinking water from a considerable distance as the water available locally is […]

Bharatiya Gorkhali Welfare Association Initiatives

Bharatiya Gorkhali Welfare Association is a non-political, non-profit social organization of the Indian Gorkhas of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Bharatiya Gorkhali Welfare Association has done numerous services for the welfare of the Gorkhas in Karnataka. Some of its major activities are listed below: 1 . It has obtained a 2% reservation for Gorkhas under the OBC […]

Police complaint against Darjeeling Red Cross for cutting trees

2:20 PM
Darjeeling 16th July: Early morning today, it surfaced on the social media that trees on the Red Cross premises in Darjeeling were being cut and the planks from these trees were being loaded into pick up vans. Later when it was revealed that they did not have any permission the forest  authorities seized Wood and […]

Beyond a cup of TEA – Gorkha Students JNU

11:44 AM
Untold stories of hunger & starvation deaths of Tea garden workers in Darjeeling ,Dooars & Terai! Behind the idyllic hills, the scenic gardens, the “romance of the two leaves and a bud”, and the “smiling faces” of the workers, what remains carefully hidden is the ugly truth of subhuman wages, more than a thousand starvation […]

What killed Supriya Lamgaday?

11:08 AM
What killed Supriya Lamgaday? – Apathy of Delhi Police or Medical Negligence of Government doctors or Racial Discrimination! Some accidents are considered too insignificant to be mentioned anywhere or covered by the media. The bigger tragedy, apart from the irreparable loss of life, is the multi-layered nature of marginalisation, racial discrimination, injustice and negligence from […]

Mirik BDO conducted plantation drive around Mirik lake

9:18 AM
The Mirik Block Development Office staff led by BDO Raju Sherpa today conducted a plantation drive around Mirik lake. The BDO said the plantation drive was part of the office’s efforts to support the renovation and beautification process of Mirik Tourism Center and to promote green initiative in the region. The BDO and his team […]

MARG conducts awareness programme on Human Trafficking in Kalimpong Villages

7:58 PM
26th to 28th July 2014, MARG with the support from Glenn Family Foundation Kalimpong carried four awareness programmes about  Human Trafficking at Chibbo Busti, Pudung Busti, Bom Busti (Deowrali) and Pranami Girls High School Kalimpong. MARG conducts awareness programme on Human Trafficking in Kalimpong Villages In the past MARG had recovered girls from Kalimpong Sub-division who […]

International Anti Drugs Day observed in the hills

10:50 AM
The International Anti Drugs Day was today observed in Kalimpong, Panitanki and other parts of the hills by various social organisation to spread the awareness against the evil practice and also to eradicate it completely from the society. In Kalimpiong, the Himalayan Anti AIDS and Anti Nicotine Drugs Society to conducted a poster campaign to […]

Chowrasta’s charm and tranquility under threat in Darjeeling

11:43 PM
Ashim Sunam Ever since, Justin, an Australian tourist visited Darjeeling in 2013, he has fallen in love with the small town hill station located in the foothills of Himalayas, its people, culture, tradition etc. On his first visit, he was overwhelmed with the lush green area surrounding the mall road and Chowrasta with its open […]

Midday meal scandal in the hill

Kalimpong: The midday meal scandal that had surfaced during the heydays of the Gorkha National Liberation Front came under the scanner once again after the Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League took up the issue involving Champamaya Primary School. The ABGL and local units of various political outfits raised their voice against the issue. Midday meal scandal […]

Rally against hawkers’ market construction at Chowrasta.

9:59 AM
Darjeeling: The proposed construction of a hawkers’ market at Chowrastha has begun blowing out of proportion with town residents  taking to the streets even as the district administration continues to stand firm on its decision of going ahead with the plan. School children participating at the rally. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee laid the foundation stone […]


8:38 AM
DAWN ( Darjeeling and Dooars Tea Workers Relief Organization) organized a health camp at Red Bank tea estate in Banarhat in Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal where workers are suffering from severe malnutrition and even deaths due to starvation have been reported. The following Report was published by  DAWN  in a social networking site. Reported deaths of workers […]

Tenzing Norgay remembered on100th Birthday and anniversary of Everest conquest

7:58 PM
HMI- Darjeeling – Tenzing Norgay, who redefined adventure in the Himalayas, was today fondly remembered on his 100th birth anniversary as well as his epoch making climb on the Mount Everest exactly on this day 61 years ago. Tenzing Norgay remembered on100th Birth day and anniversary of Everest conquest – HMI Darjeeling Very few people […]
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