Video – Maruni dance in World Culture Festival

10:42 AM
Gorkha cultural traditional Maruni  is a dance from Sikkim and Darjeeling usually performed by the males in female costumes, whose body movements are extremely graceful. 370 performers dance to the Samala beat , a rhythm expressing celebration with a touch of romance , on the second day of World Culture Festival organized by The Art Of […]

Week long Darjeeling Cultural and Tourism Festival 2015

Tourist in the second day of the ongoing week long Darjeeling Cultural and Tourism Festival (DCTF) did what they had only watched actors do in cinemas and wished. The festival organizers gave enthusiastic tourists a thrilling opportunity, to dance on the moving Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR), a first for many of them. And willing tourists […]


3:05 PM
Open letter to GNLF‬ president Mann Ghisingh on his controversial statement on traditional dress of Daura Sural and Chowbandi Choli in his recent press release. Writes Dipendra Khati Dear Mann Jojo, I am very confused about on what language should I write this letter to you. Though English emanated from England (Official language of England), […]

GNLF Mann Ghisingh’s controversal statement on cultural dress

2:15 PM
Writes: Vivek Chhetri The president of the Gorkha National Liberation Front in a press release today termed the traditional dress of the Nepali community as the the official dress of Nepal, eliciting criticism from all hill parties. GNLF president Mann Ghisingh controversal statement on traditional dress of Daura Sural and Chowbandi Choli -Photo of the […]

Charity Event – Ramailo with Gorkha by Run with Roshni

10:11 PM
Run with Roshni Foundation’ cordially invites you to come and enjoy ‘Ramailo With Gorkhas’, an evening filled with rich Gorkhali culture, delicious cuisine and a room filled with warm & friendly Gorkha smiles. Run with Roshni -a Mission- a Vision- a Dream ! Run with Roshni is a Brainchild of Roshni Rai, a Gorkha girl […]

२०१औं भानु-जयन्तीको सुसन्देश

9:52 AM
Nahakul Chhetri सन् १८१४मा तनहूँ जिल्लाको रम्घा गाउँमा जन्म लिने भानुभक्त आचार्यलाई नेपाली साहित्यमा आदिकविको रूपमा मानिन्छ| भानुभक्त अघि पनि धेरै कविहरू थिए जस्तै-इन्दिरस, विद्यारण्यकेसरी अर्याल, हिनव्याकरणी आदि, तर उनीहरूको भाषा शुद्ध थिएन|भानुभक्तले नेपाली भाषा सरल,सरस औ शुद्ध बनाई त्यही मिठास रूपमा नेपाली रामायण जनसमूहलाई समर्पित गरे| यसलाई बाल,बनिता औ वृद्ध सबैले आत्मसाथ गरे| नेपाली […]

First ever Gorkha-Adivasi cultural festival starts in Jaigaon.

6:56 AM
The 1st ever Gorkha-Adivasi cultural festival has started with fanfare in Jaigaon. The four day festival which is being organized at the local Gopi Mohan ground was inaugurated by GTA Chief Bimal Gurung and Adivasi leader John Barla. First ever Gorkha-Adivasi cultural festival starts in Jaigaon. Explaining that the program which has been organized jointly […]

Is GJM Aiming for RSS Route to Statehood?

9:35 AM
Vivek Chhetri The GTA Sabha along with a New Delhi-based organisation, Nepali Sanskriti Parisad (International), has decided to organise a symposium on Nepali culture in Darjeeling, where Indres Kumar, central executive member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, has been invited as the chief guest. Sidharth Nath Singh, the BJP’s general secretary as well as the […]

Gorkha Sanskritik Utsav to be Held from January 7, 2015

10:48 AM
People of North Bengal and Siliguri in particular are going to enjoy a ‘cultural’ beginning of 2015, since the Gorkha Saajha Pariwar, Salbari, Siliguri will bring back the Gorkha Sanskritik Utsav from January 7, 2015. Gorkha Sanskritik Utsav to be Held from January 7, 2015 The 2015 version of the festival will also include the […]

Nepali Academy and Cultural Research Centre to be set up in Darjeeling

8:57 AM
Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) chief executive Bimal Gurung will lay the foundation stone for a Nepali Academy and Cultural Research Centre on November 21, which is to be established in Darjeeling sub-division. Binay Tamang The academy will come up near Dali, 4km from Darjeeling town, at an estimated cost of Rs23 crore. Work on the […]

Deusi and Bhailo competition organized by Darjeeling Press Guild

11:51 AM
The Darjeeling Press Guild (DPG) in association with the information and cultural department of the Gorkhaland Territorias Administration (GTA) on Thursday organized the first ever “Deusi” and “Bhailoni” competition in Darjeeling. Deusi and Bhailo – file photo The competition is aimed at preserving and exhibiting the rich culture and tradition of the Hills which is […]

Phulpati / Fulpati in Dashain festival

4:40 PM
What is Phulpati? Phulpati or Fulpati is celebrated on Saptami which is the seventh day of Vijaya Dasami the Gorkhas festival. Phool is Flower and Pati is leaves and plants. FulPati literally means flowers, leaves and plants. Phulpati /Fulpati What do we do on Phulpati? Navapatrika is decorated outside the house and carried inside the Dashain […]

Gorkha Cultural and Tourism Festival 2014 to be held in Mirik

9:53 AM
An important meeting related to the Gorkha Cultural and Tourism Festival 2014, scheduled to be held in Mirik from October 11-20, was today conducted at the community hall here. The meeting was presided over by Sabhasad Phurbi Rai in the presence of Information and Culture Department Sabhasad Binay Tamang along with other GTA officials. GTA […]

Gorkhas celebrated Teez across India

11:34 AM
The festival of Teez, celebrated by married Gorkha Hindu women seeking longevity and prosperity of their husbands, was today celebrated across the hills with great enthusiasm. Hanuman Mandir in Bong Busty and Thakur Bari Mandir, both in Kalimpong, witnessed a frenzy of activity since early in the morning. Women clad in bright red saris offered […]

Kul Puja of Khambu Rai Kirats

11:07 AM
The Rai Kirats have till today, remained true and faithful to the advice of their forefathers who had told them to continue and lead to prosperity, their custom of Kul-Puja. They firmly believe that at the time of creation of Khamuhang Rais, the creator Ninapa (Brahma), the foster father Bishnu, and the destroyer Paruhang, had […]

Assam Gorkha Development Council to keep alive traditional cultural song and dance

SILCHAR Assam, July 24: The Gorkhas living in different parts of Barak Valley have always been conscious of their traditional way of living, thinking and behaving. Their socio–cultural and literary bodies with their limited means and resources are committed to keep alive the hoary past. Shobraj Gurung, secretary, Gorkha Development Council, Barak Valley, said despite […]

Nepali Topi finds heads of anti-Gorkhaland leaders

9:53 PM
Beyond all hustle-bustle in the Darjeeling constituency that is set to go on polls this April 17, it is the customary Nepali Topi that is being flanked by top non-Gorkha leaders whenever they are visiting the constituency for election campaign. The latest in the dias was famous actor Mithun Chakraborty, Star India Footballer and TMC […]

International Mother Language Day observed in Kalimpong

The state Information and Cultural Department and the Nepali Sahitya Adhyan Samiti today jointly commemorated International Mother Language Day at Bhaichandra Sabhagriha in 10 Mile. Observing International Mother Language Day in Kalimpong on Friday. International Mother Language Day is an observance held annually on 21 February worldwide to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity. […]
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