Brief historical trajectory of Darjeeling-Duars region and the need for a permanent political solution

10:17 AM
On April 8, 2019, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) released its 48 pages electoral manifesto with regard to Lok Sabha Election 2019, has immense significance for the Darjeeling Duars region. Page 36 of the manifesto talks about political resolution on the matter of Gorkha and with two important highlights: Recognition of the 11 left out Indian […]

A crisis within crisis: The fault line of India’s longest statehood demand- Gorkhaland

3:54 PM
By SHWETA RAJ KANWAR 100 years and more, the longest statehood demand in India’s history, the demand for Gorkhaland has, many times reached its peak; and yet has always come tumbling down. Time and again, the unfulfilled aspirations have been doused by temporary promises and in 2017, the ‘Queen of Hills’ was under siege as […]

Bimal Gurung faction meets Rajnath, seeks panel on Gorkhaland

11:02 AM
“GJM has been an alliance partner of BJP in NDA. In its manifesto for the last two general elections of 2009 and 2014, the BJP had stated that it will ‘sympathetically examine and appropriately consider the long pending demand of Gorkhas and Adivasis’. We would therefore now appeal to you to take this assurance of […]


8:03 PM
REMEMBERING THE MARTYRS: “I regret that I have only one son to sacrifice for Gorkhaland” – The Gorkha Mother Writes: Chandan Pariyar Every time a gust of smoke comes out of the barrel of a gun, its ominous sound, floating with the clouds, worried hearts beat faster, but somewhere, the heart of a mother bleeds […]


5:43 PM
Writes Swadhin Rai “They said fight and many lost their lives leaving families devastated. We lost our dignity; lost the battle and sold our soul, yet we denied. Time and again we hated the policies and the dividing intention of Mamta Government, when in fact the problem was always with us. Then again they sponsored […]

Darjeeling Unrest 2017: From an agitation to a Leadership Contest

1:55 PM
Writes: Dinesh Sharma The Gorkhaland agitation of 2017 has been an eye-opener in many aspects. While it did not yield the desired results even after 104 days of the shutdown, it did manage to bring out the inner demon in us, exposing our vulnerabilities, our inability to trust one another, and utter disrespect for the […]

Students of Sikkim University campaign to support Gorkhaland

9:42 PM
Writes Sailendra Yakha Dewan. Students of Sikkim University has started campaign to support the demand for Gorkhaland. We started with a signature campaign within our campus with an idea  that since  Sikkim University is a central  university, students from all over India comes here to pursue their education and creating awareness among wide array of […]

100 Years and Still Raging: The Battle For Gorkhaland

8:50 PM
Kolkata: Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) chief Bimal Gurung thumped his chest as he stood amidst his supporters and said Darjeeling was on the boil because of their fight for a homeland, a separate Gorkhaland. “There is no going back now,” he roared. Gurung’s statement, however, has taken the Hills back in time. The fight for […]

Mamata Banerjee’s Greter Bangla Conspiracy

7:08 PM
I am a Gorkha and I am not a terrorist… Mamta Banerjee in her press conference today almost said that GJM is a terrorist outfit. Her evidences? She said she has intelligence report that underground outfits from North east are in contact with Bimal Gurung. Even some countries are helping Bimal Gurung. Suppose I say […]

The Centre needs to seriously consider the demand for Gorkhaland

8:45 AM
The Daily Fix: The Big Story: A Union of linguistic states The hills of West Bengal have been in turmoil for the past week. The agitation started when Nepali-speaking Gorkhas began to protest against the decision of the Mamata Banerjee government to make Bengali compulsory in school. But given that the movement has continued even […]

Gorkha students Kolkata against Gurung’s Darjeeling bandh call

8:05 AM
KOLKATA: Gurung of Gorkha Janamukti Morcha made a last ditched effort to make his presence felt and give fresh air to the now dormant Gorkhaland movement by calling for a 12-hour bandh in the Darjeeling Hills on September 28. The objective of the bandh is to demand details of Rs 4,000 crore spent in hills […]

Bimal Gurung’s call for Final Gorkhaland Agitation

7:51 PM
19th August 2016 Darjeeling Bimal Gurung threatens to resign as the chief executive of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) and launch the ‘final agitation’ for Gorkhaland  within a couple of months. Gurung, alleging infringement and unnecessary interference in the functioning of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration by the state government, termed the hill body as a […]

Bimal Gurung’s announcement to quit the GTA a “political gimmick” – Mamata Banerjee

10:42 AM
Writes Bireswar Banerjee Siliguri, Aug. 24: Mamata Banerjee today termed as “political gimmick” Bimal Gurung’s recent announcement that he would quit the GTA within three months. The GTA chief executive had said on August 18 that he would quit the hill body “in the next two to two-and-a-half months” and start an agitation for a separate […]

‪‎Kejriwal‬ Wants Referrendum – Can We Have One for ‪‎Gorkhaland‬?

8:58 PM
After Brexit, Arvind Kejriwal has pitched for what may be termed a “Dexit” – Delhi’s liberation from central control. “After UK referendum, Delhi will soon have a referendum on full statehood,” the Delhi chief minister tweeted today. The Constitution, however, lacks any provision for settling issues through referendums. Kejriwal’s call generated an animated debate, with […]

WHY I SUPPORT ‪GORKHALAND‬: The tale of a non-Gorkhali

12:50 PM
Writes: Upendra The gentleman from Kolkata who questioned if Gorkhas have a right to demand Gorkhaland in India, was properly answered by Mr Suhotra Banerjee a Gorkha Bengali from Darjeeling… He wrote, “Goethals, Victoria,Downhill, HBS (to certain extent) students (hostelite) can say that as maximum of them had no connect with the town. They used […]

Mothers and Her Gender: A Pledge to Renew

3:25 PM
Writes Animesh Rai European Sociologist Robert Briffault in his three volume book “The Mothers” claims that in the early phase of human civilisation the institution of family was constituted by only a woman and her children. Human race was characterised by social promiscuity and marriage as an institution did not exist. The matured males were […]

Chandra Kumar Bose – Gorkhaland an attack on the integrity of India

9:06 AM
Writes Sanjog Chamling MORON ALERT: “I believe slogans like Bharat ki barbaadi or Gorkhaland should be treated as an attack on the integrity of India.” – Chandra Kumar Bose. Chandra Kumar Bose is apparently the BJP face of Bengal who is contesting against Mamata Banerjee in the upcoming assembly election Mr. Chandra Kumar Bose whose […]

Harka Bahadur’s “anti-National” Comment a Political Stunt

10:01 AM
Writes: Vikram Rai Harka Bahadur Chettri’s contention Bimal Gurung’s speech on the 27th is “anti-national” shows how baffled he is after the Maha Jansabha by GJM at Kalimpong. What is the criteria for being branded as “anti-national”? Has this been defined or categorically stated in our Constitution? Yes , we read and hear of various […]
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