Master Mitrasen Thapa (1895 -1946) Gorkha in Indian and Nepal postal stamps

Master Mitrasen Thapa Magar (1895 -1946)  (Nepali/नेपाली: मित्रसेन थापा मगर (१८१५ – १९४६)) Indian Gorkha folk singer, lyrics writer, dramatist, social worker and a Freedom Fighter who took part in World War-I Master Mitrasen Thapa was born on the 29th December 1895 in Village Totarani, Bhagsu /Dharamshala. He was called master because in those days, the […]

Birkha Bahadhur Muringla to receive Bhanu Puraskar on 202th Bhanu Jayanti

Writes NIRMAL MANGAR Gangtok, June 20: The Nepali Sahitya Parishad here has announced the name of writer, poet and musician Birkha Bahadhur Muringla for Bhanu Puraskar, 2016, for his contribution to literature and music. Muringla’s name was finalised at a meeting of the selection committee on June 14. The award will be conferred on him […]

Why is Bhanu Jayanti Celebrated By Indian Gorkhas?

12:10 PM
India Gorkha are the Nepali Speaking Community in India, hence, it is the duty of every Gorkhali to preserve the Neplai Language like other communities such as Pnjabi, Bengali, Marathi etc preserve their own . Gorkhas celebrate Bhanu jayanti not just for merry making or for entertainment. Birth anniversary of Adikavi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya should […]

Raj Narayan Pradhan received the First Lain Singh Bangdel Smriti Puraskar awarded

8:18 AM
Darjeeling: Raj Narayan Pradhan has been awarded the first Lain Singh Bangdel Smriti Puraskar on the occasion of the late Bangdel’s 90th anniversary. First Lain Singh Bangdel Smriti Puraskat given to Raj Narayan Pradhan The Bangdel Foundation awarded the 79-year-old writer from Darjeeling a cash prize of Rs 5,100 in a ceremony organized on December […]

Dimapur Gorkha Union to Host NE Nepali Literary Symposium

Dimapur Gorkha Union is all set to host the North East Nepali literary symposium cum felicitation programme on February 1 at Dimapur Town hall Dimapur. The event is being organizes with the objective to unite the Gorkhas of Nagaland and North-East states. File pic of an earlier program organized by DGU Addressing a press conference […]

Shiva Kumar Rai’s statue to be built in Kurseong

8:11 AM
The premises of the Gorkha Jaatiya Vhibhuti Udhyan, earlier known as the Jaatiya Kavi Udhyan and the Bhanu Udhan, at Acharya Path in Kurseong was abuzz with activity as prominent litterateurs of Darjeeling Hills gathered there and laid the foundation stone for the statue of eminent Nepali literary figure and social worker, the late Shiva Kumar Rai. […]

‘Sankee Samay’ Pradip Lohagan’s first anthology released

11:35 AM
Kalimpong : Young Gorkha poet Pradip Lohagan’s first anthology “Sankee Samay” was released  on Sunday in Kalimpong. Noted poets Manoj Bogati, Ming Lawang and Raja Puniyani officially released the book at a function organized at Kalimpong Girl Sr. Sec School auditorium by the Kalimpong Charitra Publication and Sadak Kavita Samuha. The book is published by Yamburi Book […]

Nima Sherpa’s ‘Gaon Ko Katha’ Nepali audio-visual poem released

11:19 AM
Gorkha youth poet Nima Sherpa has released  Nepali audio-visual poem  ‘Gaon Ko Katha’ on monday. First time in Darjeeling, the idea to document poems in an audio-visual format has been introduced in the field of Nepali poetry. Gorkha youth poet Nima Sherpa’s endeavor of his visual poem, ‘Gaon ko katha,’ (village story) is a poem where the […]

Literary Harmony – A Profile of Hariprasad ‘Gorkha’ Rai

12:20 PM
By Ashok Baral Hariprasad ‘Gorkha’ Rai is a well-known name in Assamese and Nepali literature. The worthy son of the soil tied a number of regional as well as national languages into a single whole and thus made literary harmony possible. Hariprasad ‘Gorkha’ Rai Hariprasad ‘Gorkha’ Rai was born in Kohima (then a part of […]

‘Warnamala Pariwar’ – Promoting Nepali literature, culture, language and identity

10:32 AM
Music, fun, learning and passion for our language is what sets “Warnamala” initiative apart from the rest group working in the same field, who only focus on one medium of transference of knowledge. “Warnamala” initiative has beautifully incorporated and infused all these aspects and together and seeks to bring about a revolution in the way, […]

Adi Kawi Bhanubhakta’s Great Great Grand Son in Dooars

9:03 AM
From the pages of history and textbooks, and the statues strewn around Darjeeling and Dooars region, to be able to see Adi Kawi Bhanubhakta Acharya’s family in person. Adi Kawi Bhanubhakta’s Great Great Grand Son in Dooars The people from Bagrakot in Dooars claimed their piece of history when the Great Great Grand son (6th […]

Indo-Nepal poets’ meet in Kalimpong

8:20 AM
Kalimpong- The Devkota-Lusun Prajgya Pratisthan today held the Indo-Nepal poets meet at Shyama Devi Hall in Kalimpong. A total of 14 poets from Nepal along with a number Indian Nepali poets recited their poems during the meet. Pratisthan president Ninu Chapagai welcomed the poets from Nepal, including Krishna Prasai, Mahesg Poudyal, Bhupin Hem Prabhash Rawat, […]

Bengali Novel on Gorkhaland Written By a Nepali – NUN CHA

8:47 AM
AN UNFINISHED DREAM CALLED GORKHALAND: NUN CHA Of all the secessionist movements that have rocked post independence India, the Gorkhaland movement has perhaps been the longest drawn, most volatile and inconclusive. What began with a demand of recognition of the linguistic and ethno-minority status of the Gorkhas or ‘Indian Nepalese’ by the Hillmen’s Association as […]

Gorkha Jana Pustakalaya up for blood donation camp on its foundation day

2:17 PM
Kurseong: As informed by Mr. Vinod Praksh Sharma, one of the senior & dedicated member of Gorkha Jana Pustakalaya, on 8th June’2014 it is celebrating its foundation day and in this occasion, the Gorkha Jana Pustakalaya ( Gorkha Library ) is organising blood donation camp. Although the Pustakalaya is more into promoting and keeping alive […]

अो! दार्जिलिङ

4:08 PM
अो! दार्जिलिङ तिमीलाई फेरि अो! दार्जिलिङ एउटा संङ्कट आइपर्दैछ’रे, तल मधेसबाट साँप नचाउने, जादु देखाउनेहरु पहाड आउदैछन्’रे। कति लुट्ने हुन यो पहाडमा मधेसीले कहिले दुईचारवटा साँप ल्याउछन्, नचाउछन् अनि अौठी बुट्टि बेच्छन् अनि भन्छन् शनि, राहु, केतु छन्’रे वरिपरि दुश्मनै दुश्मन पनि। दिन्छन् रंगी बिरंगी बुट्टि अनि थरीथरीका अौठीं। कहिले कालो कपडाले ढाकेर जीउँदै मान्छेको […]

पत्ति देखि चिया सम्म

3:47 PM
कलिला हरिया मुनाहरुलाई पत्ति देखि चिया सम्म औँलाले चुड़ाँएर टोक्री भरि भर्छन आशा मेरी आमाहरु। ती… आशाका मुनाहरुलाई नापतौल गरेर हिसाब किताब राख्न अघि आऊँछन मेरा ठेकेदार काका-बड़ाहरु। आफ्नो आमाहरुले मेहेनतको पसिना चुहाउँदै कोषिशका दस नङ्ग्रा खियाउँदै संग्रह गरेका आशारुपि पत्तिहरुलाई तयार हुन्छन मेरा दाज्युहरु कारखानामा सुरक्षीत पुर्याउन। जहाँ खड़ा हुन्छन जानकार जीवन ती आशाका […]

Folk storywriter MM Gurung passed away

9:14 PM
Folk storywriter MM Gurung passed away today at his residence in Bong busty, leaving the Nepali literary world in utter shock. Award winner Gurung (88) breathed his last at 7:00 am in the morning. He was not keeping well of late and suffering from age-related ailments. MM Gurung Popular as MM Gurung, Michael Martin Gurung […]

Sadak Kavit congregation of Nepali poets from Nepal and India in Kalimpong

11:31 AM
Kalimpong – “Sadak Kavita” a Kalimpong based literary group today organized a literary function “Kavya Sambad” here at the premises of Saptashree Gyanpith, which saw  a congregation of Nepali poets from Nepal and India. The core attraction of the function was poetry recitation by renowned Nepal-based poet Bimala Tumkhewa. Sanumati Rai handing over commendation certificate […]
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