Gorkha Regiment : The legendary badass warriors

6:45 PM
Writes Naba Raj Chetri “Better to die than to be a coward” is the motto of the world famous Gorkha army, whose might and valour has transcended boundaries, but what do we really know about the gorkhas, lets try to find out. Origins Historically the term ‘Gorkha and Gorkhali” is derived from the hill town and […]

Historical First Gorkha Regiment gets new Battalion 6/1GR

9:32 PM
CANDIGARH April 1st: The historical First Gorkha regiment of the Indian army has raised a new battalion on Friday at Subathu Cantonment, which is the birth place of the First Gorkha Rifles in Himachal Pradesh. The move is historical as the Gorkha regiment has raised a new battalion after a gap of almost five decades. […]

First battalion of only Indian Gorkhas is born

8:40 AM
Comprises only Indian domiciles instead of Nepalese troops as in other Gorkha units of Army Writes Vijay Mohan Chandigarh, April 2 The Army has turned over a new leaf by raising a new Gorkha battalion comprising entirely of Gorkha troops of Indian domicile. Traditionally, the majority of troops in Gorkha regiments belong to Nepal. This […]

5 Gorkha Rifles officers out of 14 approved for rank of Lt General

7:30 AM
The Army has de-classified the promotion board results for the rank of Lt General and a major chunk of the vacancies for this particular batch have gone to officers belonging to the Gorkha Rifles. As per details of the result accessed by The Indian Express, a total of 14 officers of the rank of Major […]

Gorkha Jawan From Darjeeling killed in avalanche in Siachen, Another Missing

8:14 AM
Lance Havildar Bhawan Tamang of Lopchu in Darjeeling has become Martyr, after a massive avalanche  hit a 2/11 Gorkha Rifles patrol party in Siachen glacier in Ladakh on Friday. “Lance Havildar Bhawan Tamang, who was earlier rescued from an avalanche in Turtuk Sector succumbed to his injuries. The soldier, who was immediately retrieved and evacuated to the nearest […]

Gorkha Regiment India’s Most Badass Regiment, Nightmare For the Enemies

2:00 PM
Gorkha Regiment Is India’s Most Badass Regiment And A Nightmare For Our Enemies Writes Anshul Gandhi “If a man says he‘s not afraid of dying, he’s either lying or he’s a Gorkha.” This quote by Sam Manekshaw, Indian Army’s first Field Marshal, aptly describes what it means to be a Gorkha. Indian Army Gorkhas are […]

Remembering Gorkhas on VIJAY‬ DIWAS

8:41 AM
On ‪‎VIJAY‬ DIWAS: We Remember and Salute Our Legends To those who don’t know about it, Vijay Diwas‬ is when 93000 Pakistani terrorists surrendered to 5000 Indian soldiers on ‪‎Dec16‬ 1971. Amongst the various paltans that participated in the war for Bangladesh liberation, the ‪Gorkhas‬ have stood out  through their unparalleled bravery, sheer grit and determination, and won the platitude of laurels […]

Indian Army will raise a new Gorkha Battalion 6/1GR by April 2016

9:37 AM
SUBATHU: The historic First Gorkha Regiment (GR) of the Indian Army would raise a new battalion in April next year . It’s after a gap of almost five decades that the Gorkha Regiment would be raising new battalion. As of now First Gorkha Regiment has five battalions and the new battalion would be known as […]

Gorkha Rifles set to complete 200 years of service

1:13 PM
The world known Gorkha Rifles or Gorkha Regiment is to complete 200 years of existence who have served India and the British-ruled Indian before independence on April 24 2015. 1st Battalion, 3rd Queen Alexandra’s Own Gurkha Rifle, Waziristan, 1936 – photo via nam.ac.uk Known for their bravery Gorkha Rifels was organised under British East India […]

Gorkha Rifles -Vintage photo Gallery

11:27 AM
Vintage photo Gallery of Gorkha Rifles, one of the bravest soldiers on earth, on the occasion of the completing 200 years of courage, dedication, devotion to duty and martyrdom – Photos says it all. Known for their Khukris and their ‘Aayo Gorkhali’ battle cry Gorkha Regiment completes 200 years of soldiering. Today Gorkha Rifles will complete 200 years of service […]

Army chief Dalbir Singh commemorate 200 years of the Gorkha Regiment.

9:17 AM
New Delhi, Feb. 14 : Army Chief General Dalbir Singh on Saturday paid his tributes at the Amar Jawan Jyoti in India Gate to commemorate 200 years of the Gorkha Regiment. Army chief marks bicentenary of Gorkha regiment The Army Chief, who also hails from the Gorkha Regiment, laid a wreath at the memorial and […]

Gorkha Rifles (GR) celebrated the ‘Phillora day’

12:41 PM
The valiant veterans of the Gorkha Rifles (GR) celebrated the ‘Phillora day’ at the Garhi cantonment area here on Sunday. The soldiers of the 5/9 Gorkha Rifles showed exemplary courage in the battle of Phillora in 1965 while conquering the Pakistani post. The battalion lost 30 soldiers in the famous battle and Government of India […]

Shaurya Chakra Rifleman Prem Bahadur Koka Magar 2/4 Gorkha Rifles

6:47 PM
On 09 May 2014, Rifleman Prem Bahadur Roka Magar, 2/4 GR was entrusted with the task of guarding one of the likely infiltration routes of the terrorist detected through HHTI dets located at kalas OP. SHAURYA CHAKRA  RIFLEMAN PREM BAHADUR KOKA MAGAR At 0230 hours on 10 May 2014 contact was established with the terrorists […]

11th Gorkha Rifles Recruitment Procedure

11:31 PM
Looking for Gorkha Rifles Recruitment Procedure? The details of the selection process or the recruitment procedure in 11th Gorkha Rifles of the Indian army is listed below. 11th Gorkha Rifles RECRUITMENT SELECTION PROCEDURE FOR INDIAN GORKHA RIFLES Age for Various Categories The minimum and maximum age for enrollment into the Army is laid down for each category […]

From sepoy to officer – Gorkhali Son Makes Father and Community Proud

8:52 AM
Christopher Rai is a solider of soldiers, he joined the army as a sepoy when he was only 16 and a half years. But his hard work, perseverance, and love for motherland pushed him on for higher things and that has resulted in him Graduating from the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun on the June 14th, […]

(XI) 11 Gorkha Rifles

10:16 PM
The 11 Gorkha Rifles is a Gorkha regiment of the Indian Army comprising of Gorkha soldiers mostly  the Rais and Limbus. The regiment was re-raised after independence in 1947. 11 Gorkha Rifles is the youngest of the Gorkha Regiments. It was raised as an ad hoc unit in 1918 with troops and officers being drawn from the various Gurkha […]

Gorkha regiment indispensable part of the Indian Army

1:35 PM
The Gorkha Regiment is know for its courage in the battlefield which is discernible by the gallantary awards won by the Gorkha soldiers and the battle honour awards awarded to the Gorkha battalions. Gorkha regiment indispensable part of the Indian Army The Gorkha regiment was formerly a part of British Indian Army, but ever since […]

Gorkhas: Pride of the Indian Army

10:29 AM
Preview of a Film for a Gorka Batallion of the Indian Army. This is an internal inspirational film for the Army and will not be released publicly. This preview as part of our Show Reel has been published here with permission.
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