Interview with BHANU ra PALA: By Praneet, Sujeence & Mikma

“Jojo tapai ley Bhanu ra Pala hernu bha?” was the question my younger brother had asked me a year ago. Soon after that, I googled it and sat down to watch the play. I was awed by their performance, their catchy dialogue and their brilliant acting. But above all, the play tried to drive home […]

GYASA and RP Sharma MP Assam to work together on ’empowerment through education”

4:06 PM
Dinesh Sharma 09 August 2015: GYASA, Gorkha Youth and Student Association, delegates met with Shri Ram Prasad Sharma, a Gorkha Member of Parliament from Assam. We had such a positive meeting that the expected half an hour meeting stretched to 4 hours and two rounds of chai. Reminiscing his days of students politics and bhasha […]

GYASA met Mahendra P. Lama at JNU Delhi

2:23 PM
27th July, 2015: GYASA (Gorkha Youth and Student Association) expressed their gratitude to Professor Mahendra P. Lama , the founding president of the DDUDF, for taking time to see them at Jawaharlal Nehru University. It was a fruitful session where they felt intellectually enriched they said. As he was very supportive of the social movement […]

GYASA delegation met GTA Secretary-General Roshan Giri

24th July, 2015: Gorkha Youth and Student Association (GYASA) thanks Shri Roshan Giri, Executive Member Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) and Secretary-General of Gorkha Janmukhti Morcha (GJM), for meeting GYASA delegation on 24 July 2015 and discussed about various issues concerning Gorkhas in Delhi/NCR. We also appreciate his efforts for taking up the issue of setting up a […]
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